The Charity Logo The Kirk M Foundation is a non for profit registered 501(c)3 organization. Our mission is to raise awareness for organ donation and to encourage everyone to sign a Life4 Organ Card & Will, allowing their families to know their intentions and be vigilant on helping others in need. Organs, Tissue, Stem Cells & Blood are the four types of donations available today.

Kirk Melton The founder of the charity, Kirk Melton, has been a lifelong blood donor & is a non-directed living kidney donor. He is an Eagle Scout, a former Kansas City Royals batboy, an award winning professional mascot for the Kansas City Wizards Soccer Team. Additionally, he has traveled the USA performing at various sporting events as an independent mascot of his own creation known as DINGO. He graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City with a Communications/Marketing Degree. Kirk travels the world (Europe is a favorite) when he can for adventure & for the benefits of interacting with other cultures. He inspires and encourages people to find their personal best and exceed their potential.

dingo hanging on a rope Family & friends were not surprised at the formation of this charity. It has been Kirk's nature to help others from his early days as a Boy Scout, his lifelong blood donations to the most recent donation of a kidney to a stranger. He has a strong sense of compassion for those in need and always extends his hand to help. There is no greater calling then to help your fellow man, especially when they are down and out!

Others that have been vital in the formation of this charity include Kirk's parents, Stan & Nancy Melton. Their helpful directives and dedication expanded this great cause from its inception. Nancy Melton is a Registered Nurse and member of an organization of philanthropy. Her church activities provide her an additional sense of giving to those in need. Stan Melton's expertise involved his real estate brokerage, commercial & residential construction and development. Retired he enjoys international travel, his lay ministry in church and has served in the US army.

In addition, Dan Hobart, a close lifetime friend, has been a strong supporter and commanding personality in the formation of this cause. Dan is also an Eagle Scout with a Juris Doctorate degree from Drake Law School in Iowa. He will have a key role in the future blogs & podcasts of this website. His legal background opens up the ability for Life4 to accomplish the overall goals regarding the legalities of Organ Donation & Living Wills. We welcome his overall drive to make things happen and accomplish our mission.

Kirk at the Royals Why give an organ? It was an awareness of the UNOS (United Network of Organ Sharing) waiting list that prompted Kirk to get tested at the Mayo Clinic for possible organ donation. This waiting list comprises of people in the US alone needing kidneys, pancreases, livers, intestines, lungs & hearts and is currently over 100,000 (as of 2010). Without these vital organs to sustain life, those on the list may soon die. Upon Kirk being selected, an advanced group of medical surgeons and physicians performed the amazing kidney transplant and helped save the life of a stranger. The heads of the transplant team physicians were Dr. Mikel Prieto & Dr. Stephen Textor. Transplant teams throughout the world perform lifesaving operations daily and should be recognized as heroes in this field. Be a difference & help save a life today!

Kirk and Kit in Austrailia

Why did Kirk start a charity? During & after the kidney donation, I felt very frustrated that many of the existing charities focused too much on money and less on just getting the public to give their valuable organs upon death. Kirk has been fortunate enough to travel the world and entertain thousands of people. He also has been friends with some of the most famous of individuals. While recovering from his surgery he felt the need to combine his commitment and talents, his lifelong local and international friends with this great cause into one package. This foundation will serve mankind the cherished life giving organs necessary for wholeness. We are dedicated and passionate about this wonderful cause. Join us!